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Athena Chiefs Merges with Atlas Accelerator. Solves Staffing and Recruiting problem for Early Stage Companies via Atlas Recruiting


Athena Clients use Athena Chiefs to Grow Fast while Managing Risk

We used to list our clients on this page, but the list has grown too large.  Athena Chiefs have helped a variety of startup companies all along the west coast, including Canada.  Our clients include software companies, wireless companies, game companies, alternative energy companies, as well as a variety of service companies.

Our happy clients have used Athena Chiefs to help them raise money - both from customers and investors.  We've been used to help with sales, channel development, operations and technology development.  The phrase "bringing order to chaos" often fits the bill, as even people that thrive on chaos can be helped to be more effective with some basic process infrastructure.

Athena Chiefs takes pride in being a great partner to the startup community, including other firms we often call in to help.  Our clients-first mentality and focus on doing the right thing are helping us build a strong reputation and leading to success...a trait we share with our clients!