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Athena Chiefs Merges with Atlas Accelerator. Solves Staffing and Recruiting problem for Early Stage Companies via Atlas Recruiting


Athena Chief Services


Athena Chiefs can work on a Temporary Executive (that can be hired permanently) basis or Project basis

A Temporary Executive might be better for you if you are thinking of hiring a long term executive, but are unsure right now of exactly what you need, if you are worried about making a long term commitment and losing flexibility, and/or if you want to hire someone but want to validate the chemistry between that person and the rest of your executive team first (a common reason small companies have major problems!).  Athena Chiefs has access to a wide variety of skilled executives that may be available for you long term.  You could try them for a few months, and then buy them if there is a mutual fit...usually saving a lot of money over a traditional executive recruiter.

A Project might make sense if you need somebody to fulfill a specific task that requires the skill and experience of a seasoned executive, and are unsure if there will be a role for that person after the project ends.  Typical projects that Athena Chiefs are equipped to handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Plan/Executive Summary Writing and Review

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Operational Strategy and Planning

  • Building of Detailed Financial Models

  • Fund Raising Strategy, Networking and Guidance

  • Technology and Product Strategy

  • CRM Strategy and Execution

  • Business Development Assistance

  • Sales Assistance

  • Customer/Professional Services Strategy and Execution